Molly and the Sword


Prince on horseback"[The author] knows how to touch the heart of a child … for that friend of yours who is 7-12 (or even a precocious six-year old) …
a book of sheer delight … a wealth of gold between the lines."
The California Music Teacher magazine

“When I saw the age group for this book, 7-12 years old, I sat down with both of my daughters, and we read it together.  They loved it.  I loved it.  It teaches young kids why they should never, ever, give up.  This is a must read for the entire family.”
Kristy Villa, host of The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

“Molly and the Sword is a wonderful read.  [It] touches on a number of important themes, including bravery ... and the importance of having confidence in ourselves ....  [It is] a great story to introduce the concept of ... gender stereotypes ....”
Childhood Education magazine

"Highly recommended."
Toronto Musician's Association

"Molly draws on her inner strength - and years of practice - to play the concert of her life."
Strings magazine

“...delightful children’s book...many morals excellently pointed and told.  I enjoyed it very much and so did my 7-year-old grand-daughter...”
Musical Opinion, Britain’s oldest classical music magazine (1877)

The implicit morality is uplifting."
Allegro, Local 802 (NY),
American Federation of Musicians

"… read this book!"
Suzuki Minijournal

"Molly decides to study the violin and becomes an accomplished player."
Teaching Music magazine

"Fourth grade students found the book so appealing, they decided to ask [the author] to visit the school."
Crescendo, The Music Educators Association of NYC

"[Molly] proves her courage in a society still dismissive of female talent."
Symphony magazine

"…a complete delight…beautifully told…lessons to be learned…full page colour illustrations are enchanting."
Stringendo magazine
Australian Strings Association

“This is a charming picture book with a nice traditional feel to it. It is actually an illustrated chapter book, as the story is separated by very short chapters, each about 3 pages long. The prose flows like soft music, suiting well the theme and the violin element. The author puts forth an important message for all children, especially violin students, about self-esteem, courage, and the need to work hard in order to achieve our dreams. The fourteen illustrations, realistic in style and done in soft pastel colors, add to the quiet tone and complement the story beautifully. I’d especially recommend this book to music teachers and to parents of children who play the violin, to give to them as gifts. Having said that, this isn’t a book just for young violinists, but one which will make a nice addition to any home, class, or library shelf.”

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