Molly and the Sword

Molly holding a bucketREADERS' LETTERS

"I just have to record the students' response to Molly and the Sword. [It was] the most intense reaction I've ever had to a story. [The students were] absolutely riveted." - "Year 3" teacher, Sydney, Australia

"I am delighted, enamoured and inspired! … [Molly] is a meaningful role model for us all. Molly will have her special place in our school library."— L.P., administrator, highly regarded French/English music/art public school in Montreal, Canada

"I loved your book. The illustrations are beautiful. The story not only touches upon caring, kindness, bravery, gender issues, history, peace, and war, but it is a Cinderella story." — S.S., school librarian, Pomona, NY

"The girls absolutely love the book. The story has a lovely simplicity about it, yet is also empowering. I feel it is important to have positive, wholesome stories like "Molly and the Sword" in these times. … P.S.: My son wants to know when you will write a story about the cello!" — L.H., Queensland, Australia

“A wonderful book.  I enjoyed it as much as my 7-year-old daughter.” —  R.W.K, ophthalmologist, NYC

"Lovely story. Great book for all children!" — P.F., reader/author, Provence, France

"…an important and inspiring book." — W.C., psychology professor, NYC

"I will tell my sisters to be brave like Molly." — S.V., fourth grader (5 months after arriving from Bombay), Queens, NY

"My husband and I really loved the book … he read it to his third-grade classes at the school where he volunteers twice a week and the kids loved it. [About women in music: I hope the students know about] Hildegard von Bingen and others - music is so useful in learning general history." — P.V., editor, Eugene, Oregon

"It is a wonderful story containing a powerful message." — R.S., artistic administration, Toronto, Canada

"[The book] was like the sword of the prince for me (I do have stage fright)." — member, Iraq National Symphony, Baghdad, Iraq

"I read the book ... and I think it would make a splendid ballet! — E.M., school book marketer, NYC

"Molly and the Sword is very exciting! We think the pictures are beautiful and we enjoyed the story a lot." — M.T., (9 years old), Vienna, Austria

"What a beautiful book." — V.C., wife of music teacher, Toronto, Canada

"I knew the kids would love Molly!" — PTA member, United Nations International School, NYC

"I'm proud to say that reading your lovely book, I almost cried - and that's from someone who's up there in years." — R.R., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Thank you for coming to our school. We loved when you showed us how the machine made your book and that you kept changing your mind when you make a mistake." — third graders, lower Manhattan public school, NYC

"My violin students love your book which is always on the coffee table in my studio. Some have read it many times over." — M.A.E., Victoria, Australia

"…a heart-warming story, and visually beautiful…adding a great book to children's literature. — H.L., songwriter, Riverdale, NY

"[The book's] message 'Be brave!' is forever timely." - K.N., retired teacher, Hollis, NY

"Mr. Shlasko ventured from New York City to speak to third, fourth and fifth grade classes. His advice is to read a LOT of books. We enjoyed your visit! We hope you did, too." — Fifth grade writers in public school newspaper, Connecticut

As an experiment, a Manhattan fan of the book arranged for two sisters, ages 11 and 14, to read it to neighboring twins, age 5. All four girls liked the book "very much" and admired Molly "because of her courage."

"Our students are enjoying reading Molly's story while waiting for their violin lesson. It is a beautiful story … that can easily be adapted to our modern times." — C.S., administrator, music school in Harlem, NYC

"It's a wonderful story! And I love the illustrations! It's a story our crime-ridden city could use right now." — librarian, pre-Katrina, New Orleans

"Thank you for coming to our school. We love the book." — C.C., parent-teacher organization, Bethlehem, Connecticut

"It is a delightful story." — A.L., military band, Fort Myers, Virginia

"I loved the book." — N.R., music educator, Denver, Colorado

"Our students will benefit from the wonderful illustrations and many lessons that can be obtained from the book." — director of a university's reading/writing learning center, Long Island, NY

"A beautifully written book." — D.E., director of education, music organization, NYC

"It was beautifully written and illustrated. We can direct interested students to stores where the book is available." — J.C., music school, NYC

"What a treat to read your lovely book!" — L.G., teacher, Wilmington, Delaware

"It's a great book." — S.B., volunteer, music organization, Vancouver, Canada

"It is such a beautiful book, and my daughters and I are so happy to have it." — C.P., Matawan, New Jersey

"It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with young people." — M.S., youth musical group, New Orleans, Lousiana

"It's terrific." — dance critic, NYC

"It is beautiful. I loved the story and the illustrations are really wonderful." — H.S., designer, Syracuse, NY

"I know my nephew is going to enjoy reading it." — J.W., manager, classic music organization, NYC

"I think it is terrific and would like to have our store carry it," — A.C., Houston, Texas

"…beautiful … I know my daughter will cherish it." — B.N., public relations, Reston, Virginia

"It is indeed a pleasure." — M.G., teacher, juvenile books, NYC

"I have 11 and 8 year old sons and a 12 month old daughter. The boys thought the book was great and my daughter has something to look forward to." — C.F., London, England

"I read all of it and I love it." — P.T., (age 9), Torrington, Connecticut

The author at a
school book fair

"The kids (boys, 7 & 10) love it." — H.W., management consultant, NYC

"Your book is quite beautiful and I've ordered it for the college library. It will be an excellent addition to my class on the literature of childhood." — R.N., Brooklyn, NY

"Your book is wonderful - truly. The message is so important." — D.S., medical service, NYC

"It is beautiful and moving, bringing tears to my eyes." — (name unclear), NYC

Selections from letters from a class of fourth graders
in a multi-ethnic section of Queens, NY

  • "Everyone in class is fighting for that book."
  • "I like the book. I would like to play a violin but I don't have any time."
  • "I love your book. My favorite part was when the soldier give the sword to Molly."
  • "I was amazed when the violin teacher that didn't accept her and told her she only could get a few lessons. Maybe she would get famous."
  • "I loved the book because it shows a girl to be brave and to never give up on your dreams."
  • "I bet the people who love music will love the book. Maybe, they will write letters to you, like me."
  • "Your book is really great. I like people who has courage and bravery. I don't like girls who wimp out and never try."
  • "I like the book a lot because it has tension."
  • "What will happen to Molly in the future?"
  • "Now is Molly happy?"
  • "My favorite character is Molly because she is and honest and trustworthy girl. P.S., I hope your dreams come true too."
  • "Do you play an instrument? I play the piano."
  • "Ami me gusto su libro mucho."
  • "Molly was my favorite character because she put her fears behind her."
  • "I said to myself 'I guess that girls are brave too.'"
  • "I love your book because in the beginning, Molly was brave girl standing up to her enemies and in the end, the enemies were friendly to her."
  • "Molly sister remind me like myself because I play the piano too."

Selections from a sample of letters received
from a Montessori school in South Carolina.

  • Molly and the Sword rocks!
  • I loved the book it was great. P.S.: I write books and draw as well.
  • It will definitely be a book I read again.
  • I am practicing to be a writer. I started 2 years ago.
  • I loved the way you explained to us about printing, writing it, illustrating and publishing. It was so much fun!
  • I hope you come back next year!
  • The story was very cool!
  • I liked that Molly played the violin just like me.


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